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Best Hairdressers Lamezia Terme Catanzaro

Via XX Settembre 11 | 88046 Lamezia Terme (Catanzaro) Italy | Tel. 096826123

Best hairdressers Lamezia Terme

Half a century of uninterrupted activity studded with successes and satisfactions, fifty years of work to make beautiful women from the sixties up to today, always managing to keep up with the times, following fashion without forgetting the "evergreen": cuts and hairstyles timeless The Giuseppe Lamelino coiffeur Giuseppe Aurelio Mascaro, born in 1949, has celebrated in these days his "golden wedding" with his profession to say the least charming, always very rich in new emotions and avant-garde experiences in style and creativity: family members, current collaborators and old colleagues have toasted with him to the amazing goal achieved, transforming his shop in Via XX Settembre in Lamezia into a great party hall as well as beauty.To his side his wife Stefania Vasta, partner of a whole life, the daughters Rossana and Raffaella with her husband Leonardo, her granddaughter Elena, for whom she spends her time.
Giuseppe Aurelio was born in the heart of old Nicastro, in Via Raffaele Matarazzo; at the age of 15, after trying various jobs, she became an apprentice in the "Gigi" salon and from there began the adventure of the shop boy who is now a well-established and appreciated hair stylist, in Italy and abroad. In 1972, he set up his own shop and opened his first store in Via Piave. He travels a lot, in our country and in Europe: he perfects himself by basing his training on the specialized knowledge of "hair style" techniques. He participates in numerous internships and meetings organized by famous leading companies in the sector such as Testanera, Cristian Jacques, Wella, thanks to which he operates within the world of fashion and entertainment. In the eighties he joined the Hart Studio and Mitè, also these specialized organizations, representing for many years he participated in the evenings of Miss Italy in Salsomaggiore, as a professional hair stylist.
For his students of yesterday and today, Giuseppe Aurelio is the "mister"; for the many customers who always rely on his inspiration, "Pino is not just a hairdresser but a man of trust who always understands you and who, catching your mood on the fly, is able to take care of your image guessing the right cut, the perfect hairstyle for every occasion ".
In the nineties he began to collaborate with the famous cosmetics company L'Oreal. In 1999 he received the Gold Medal of the Chamber of Commerce of Catanzaro. He is a founding member of the Hair - Team - Hairdressing Consortium of Lamezia Terme for the organization of professional courses and events: from fashion shows to musical evenings. In 2014 he received the Wella award for the thirty years of continuous and constant collaboration with the well-known company.

The style of the Salone, renovated in 2009, is sought after and elegant. The lights are the distinguishing element of this environment with a particular charm and design details make it a top Atelier.



Via XX Settembre 11
88046 Lamezia Terme (Catanzaro), Italy
Tel. 0968 26123